Audrey & Daniel

Click image to view Photo Set. Photos by Vanessa Marie.

You know Audrey and Daniel, or you wouldn't be here! Well, maybe you just know Audrey, or just know Daniel. In which case, where have you been for the past ten years? We should hang out so you can meet Daniel/Audrey. Don't be a stranger!

Daniel Beck

  • Daniel's celebrated parents are David and Lisa Beck.
  • He has two siblings, Jeremy and Whitney Beck.
  • He grew up all around the country, mostly near U.S. Navy bases. California was his favorite state to live in.
  • He (and Audrey) attended Bartram Trail High School and the University of Central Florida, where he joined the eminent Technical Writing cabal.

Audrey Hamelers

  • Audrey's illustrious parents are Robert Irons and Isabel Hamelers.
  • She has six siblings: Craig Millett; Jessica, Catherine, and Jamie Voss; and Toby and Luke Hamelers-Irons.
  • She grew up in Maryland and Florida.
  • After college, she (and Daniel) moved to Philadelphia, where she attended Drexel University and became a Librarian (the collective noun for which is either "a shush" or "a stack") .

Our Story Thus Far...

They met when he was a new student in her English class and became friends when it turned out that, unlike most of their classmates, they both actually liked books. A while later, she asked him out at a premiere showing of Star Trek: Nemesis. After many years and a few suggestions that getting married wouldn't be a terrible thing, she proposed via book, and he couldn't say "no" to that. They share a cat now, so there is no stopping this train.

Daniel and Audrey love Philadelphia, home of their favorite historical figure (Ben Franklin), some of their favorite foods (pretzels, hoagies), and the location of the signing of both the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution. They can't wait to welcome you to Philly for their wedding!